Faced with the awkwardness of our own silence and the self-conscious glances of others, we put on headphones to escape our own awareness. Or maybe it’s more narcissistic than that… Maybe we do it so that we can sink deeper into the cocoon of self and self-creation and further away from people.

Fear is behind everything we do. Fear and Narcissism.

I wonder what the world would be like if human beings set aside their narcissism (there’s no point wondering what would happen if we set aside fear because it’s impossible- also nothing interesting would ever happen and we may just all die). Fear is a motivator unlike any other.

This is intended to be a non-judgmental inquiry. Why should I judge humans as though I am not one?


Don’t cry over spilled milk, unless you can cry spilled milk. Then cry enough to replace the milk you spilled

Your individual freedom isn’t  as important as our collective peace.

It’s about discipline and transcending our selfish inclinations (in theory, this will never happen in practice)

It’s not about completely stifling creativity or exchanges of ideas and opinions, it’s just about monitoring and controlling them.

Who cares if you can’t read a specific book or go to a specific place or eat something, you won’t die if you don’t. But you may die and others may die or at least be harmed mentally or physically if you decide to riot

Or something because you can’t accept that there are some things that you just can’t do. Choice is highly overrated when it’s pit up against happiness and harmony. And anyone who says that choice is what makes you happy lied, it’s actually what limits you. lol.