I’m a 17 year old Nigerian girl living between there and England (where I go to school). Life’s hectic ad I ‘m constantly chronicling my thoughts- I just don’t see the point in writing about what actually happens unless context is deeply necessary- on life, me etc.

It’s always weird to say this but I am an aspiring philosopher. That’s not entirely accurate because it’s not so much the title of “philosopher” which I aspire to as it is the state of being a philosopher, if that even makes sense. Why mention this, especially when there are many things I aspire to be and do? I don’t know, it just feels particularly important and maybe it will give you (whoever you are) a sense of how I think. Probably not though since all philosophers are different. Okay, so maybe it will give you an idea of what my thoughts may be influenced by… who knows?

The best thing you can do is just read my posts.

And feel free to argue with me, or just discuss. That’s kinda why I’m publicising all these random thoughts that would otherwise just stay in my head, diary or Notes app (or one of the several other apps I have just for writing down the stuff in my head). I want to put my head into the context of the world… I think.